Most people want to have better mental health and well-being. As the importance of mental health becomes clearer, more people are committing to making changes to address their mental health. The people who are serious about doing so look out for and use tools that will help them make their dream a reality. 

Apps are some of the best tools you can use to achieve this goal. There are a wide variety of apps out there that are specifically designed to improve your well-being. This list will look at some of the best self-care apps out there and explain how they can help. 

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1. Aloe Bud

In most cases, self-care comes from little things. These include things like drinking water, reaching out to the people around you, and remembering to take a moment or two to yourself. Little things like these seem small but have a large impact on your overall well-being. 

None of these things are that difficult to do. However, people often fail to do them. This is because remembering to do small acts of self-care can be more difficult than actually doing them. Plus, even if you do remember, you may be unsure what to do. 

This is where Aloe Bud comes into play. Aloe Bud is an app that will gently remind you to do little acts of self-care. It does this by sending occasional notifications and directions. With Aloe Bud, you’ll never forget to prioritize yourself. 

2. Xcellent Life

Overall well-being is a combination of a few things. These include being physically active and working toward good mental health. However, being physically active can actually contribute positively toward your mental health. So, by improving your physical health first, you can get a good start at working on your mental health. 

The best way to become more physically healthy is through the Xcellent Life app. This robust fitness-tracking application contains plenty of ways to track your fitness journey. At the free level, it offers a full health dashboard, while paid levels offer tons of different health reports. Measuring your progress is a great way to ensure that you are reaching your goals and also push you to extend your goals even further. 

The Xcellent Life app also provides motivation for you to continue your fitness journey. It does this by connecting you to a community of other users. These are people dedicated to fitness and who will help encourage you toward your fitness goals. You can do this through text chat features or even through video calls. Plus, if you’re feeling competitive, you can even participate in community competitions. 

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3. Shleep

Sleep has a direct impact on your brain’s function. With an inadequate amount of sleep, your brain cannot function optimally. This has led to a lack of sleep being directly connected to a range of mental health issues. 

When it comes to apps that help you sleep better, Shleep is a great option. This app starts by asking you a few questions about your current sleeping habits. In doing so, it determines what you are doing wrong and where you can make improvements. It then dispenses information so you can learn how to correct your sleeping habits. 

On top of this, Shleep also helps you track your sleep. You don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ve been getting enough sleep because Shleep will record your hours for you. 

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4. ToDon’t

To-do lists are helpful, but they don’t cover everything. They guide you toward tasks you need to get done but don’t focus on tasks you want to avoid. However, avoiding bad habits is a key part of improving your well-being. 

This is why apps like ToDon’t are helpful. This app starts by asking you for a list of tasks you want to avoid doing. For example, you may want to quit smoking, avoid eating junk food or stop procrastinating. Once you have defined the behaviors you want to avoid, you simply report back to the app when you have either avoided the bad behavior or succumbed to it. 

No matter what happens, the app records the result. Seeing these results on a regular basis will remind you that you need to stick to good preventative behaviors. Plus, once you have a few days of good behaviors recorded, it creates a streak that becomes addictive on its own. You’ll eventually want to keep your streak more than you will want to do the things you are avoiding. 

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5. Loosid

While avoiding bad activities is always helpful, sometimes it takes more than a little encouragement to do so. In these cases, having a community of people supporting you is critical. 

Loosid is an app designed for people who want to quit drinking. It links you up with an entire community of people dedicated to living sober lifestyles. By making connections with this community, you can help eliminate the urge to drink and surround yourself with people who will support you in this goal. 

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6. Calm

Sometimes, all you need to improve your mental health is a moment or two of peace and quiet. This allows you to recharge your batteries and replenish your energy stores. 

Clam guides you through moments of quiet meditation. However, it isn’t just generic meditation. The meditation provided by Calm is specific to the goals you want to achieve. So, if you’re meditating to relieve stress, you will receive one session, but if you’re focusing on eliminating anxiety, you will be treated to a different one. 

You can use Calm anytime you want. It is great for unwinding after work. However, it also works just as well as a way to relax at the end of the day to get ready for sleep. Basically, whenever you need some calm in your life, you can use Calm. 

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The Best Self-Care Apps For Improving Your Well-Being

There are plenty of apps out there that you can use to improve your mental health and well-being. Take your pick of the best self-care apps that help you relax, make better choices, and improve your physical well-being. 

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