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Increase Employee Retention

According to the CDC, companies that give importance to employee well-being can reduce healthcare expenses and absenteeism by up to 25%.

Health Drives Performance

A Brigham Young University research study discovered that employees with healthy eating habits were anticipated to be 25% more productive.

Improve Employee Morale

According to human relations theory, greater employee happiness is linked to excellent employee morale.

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Well-being can be defined as how people feel and operate, personally and socially, and how they judge their overall life. Healthy people are more productive, form strong relationships with others, overcome challenges and manage stress better. Good health helps them reach their full potential.

Employee well-being includes both physical and mental/emotional well-being. This means that in addition to being physically healthy, employees can effectively handle workplace demands. They are able to regulate their stress and emotions. Employee wellness is crucial whether your team works remotely, in a hybrid environment, or in an office setting.

Researchers from the London School of Economics discovered a direct link between staff well-being, job performance, and corporate value across all industries and regions.

Poor mental health and well-being negatively impact cognitive, behavioral, emotional, social, and relational functioning. The ability to participate in work is hampered by lower productivity, more unsatisfactory performance, and trouble keeping or getting a job. Staff turnover and absenteeism both have an impact on employees, businesses, and the overall economy.

Healthier Employees are More Productive

According to data from the Health Enhancement Research Organization, employee wellness is associated with greater productivity. It improves morale, engagement, and business success. The findings of research reported that over 90% of employers indicated that improving employee wellness led to better performance and profitability.

In the meantime, ignoring employee health was connected to illness, lower levels of engagement, burnout, and stress. Employees everywhere are struggling to cope with fears brought on by illness outbreaks and geopolitical conflicts. As a result, the majority of businesses today place a high value on employee well-being and health. After all, an organization’s personnel is ultimately responsible for its success.

Employees who lead a healthy, active lifestyle frequently feel better about themselves. They are more efficient at work. Employee productivity and performance will noticeably change in companies that support their personnel’s well-being. Employees having healthy lifestyles are often emotionally invested in and engaged in their work. This results in positive transformation at work.

Productivity at work, engagement, and perceptions of the organization as a whole are all significantly influenced by employee morale. It refers to an employee’s happiness, attitude, and sentiments of well-being while at work. So when a wellness program is made available to employees, they have the chance to participate in something beneficial. This means they are, therefore, more likely to have higher satisfaction.

Improve Employee Engagement

Employee engagement refers to the positive correlation between levels of employee well-being and motivation and corporate performance. The CDC estimates that absenteeism costs companies $225.8 billion in lost productivity yearly. Many workers are learning that the long-term impacts of stress, such as anxiety, depression, and heart disease, have a negative effect on their work performance and general well-being.

Stress is the top cause of illness in the US workforce today. Two University of California professors researched randomly selected a small number of employees from commercial laundry companies in the Midwest that were adopting health programs. The academics discovered that total productivity increased by 4% over the following year. Initially, unwell workers significantly increased their production, with a rise in performance of 10.8%.

Benefits Of Physical Wellness For Business Improvements

The concept of employee well-being is not merely a passing trend. Employees are making a gradual, need-based shift toward putting their mental health before work. Companies are assisting their employees through well-being initiatives in the meantime. The rationale for business wellness programs is strengthened by new data showing that productive employees are healthy employees. Even while it might seem straightforward, it has proven challenging to use data to link employees’ job success with their personal health information.

According to a study of a small sample of workers at commercial washing plants in the Midwest, employees who engaged in an employer-sponsored health program increased their output by roughly 4% on average throughout the following year. The unhealthy workers observed a 10.8% increase in their production from one annual screening to the next. Also, their health clearly improved between screenings.

According to human relations theory, greater employee happiness is linked to excellent employee morale. This, in turn, promotes greater productivity. According to emotions theory, higher attitudes and motivation among employees result in better work performance and organizational citizenship. Large-scale research that relies on factual data supports this association.

A strong connection exists between productivity and well-being. According to research, employees who are in suitable physical, mental, and emotional health are more likely than those who are not to perform at their best at work. Employees who are happy and healthy live better lives. They are less likely to be sick or hurt. They won’t create more at work by making mistakes. Furthermore, they are more likely to give back to their communities than those who are less well-off. Because of this, worker well-being has been deemed a nationally significant health concern.

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