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Small Companies

Start-ups and small companies are always challenged to retain their most valuable resource which is people in this highly competitive environment. Additionally, it has become more difficult to have a fully connected organization given we are now working in more virtual environments as a result of COVID-19. Adding to these challenges is the fact that healthcare cost are going up which can be very challenge for small companies and start-ups trying to pay for coverage for their employees. The Xcellent Life software and mobile app solves al these challenge and improves overall health levels, engagement levels while lower the cost related to healthcare of their employees.

Small - Midsize Companies

As companies start to scale in size, they start to deal with the same challenges as small companies but on a larger scale. They also start to enter into a phase where competitive market pressure coupled with the scale of healthcare cost increases can really make it growth beyond this phase more challenging. They need to reduce their healthcare cost, keep their employees engaged and given themselves a competitive advantage. All theses needs are met with the Xcellent Life software and mobile app as it empowers the health of their employees and supercharges each employees ability to become an advocate for the company brand. An innovative approach to driving behavior helps to align the employee and company in the goals of being healthier, happier and growing the company brand.

Large Corporations

In large corporations, the impact of higher insurance rates due to employee health incidents can cost millions of dollars and hurt the operational efficiencies and effectiveness of the corporation. Alternatively, when corporations can lower their insurance rates by reducing the health incidents of their employees, improving their health and productivity and increase their engagement levels it can send millions of dollars to the bottom line of the corporation. Adding to that value proposition is the fact that the Xcellent Life software and mobile app turns employees into brand ambassadors, who are themselves healthier, happier and more engaged. The most critical company asset, people, are empowered to drive the corporation efficiency and effectiveness higher, while at the same time having lower healthcare coverage cost associated with them. It is a win for the employer and a win for the employee.

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