Insurance Optimizations

Client Risk Analysis

Insurance companies entire business is structured around understanding risk. That is why using a cutting-edge tool to determine risk empowers insurance companies to improved performance. Add to the traditional risk calculation methods the ability to calculate more accurately the timeframe in which you can expect that risk to be realized further allows insurance companies to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. The Xcellent Life software uses a three-dimensional proprietary predictive algorithm to drive results that go directly to the bottom line of insurance companies.

Underwriting Optimization

The process of matching a potential client to a policy involves a sales process that involves capturing targeted client information, identifying an appropriate policy and attempting to get the policy underwritten for a quote. In some cases, the client is denied by underwriting and in other cases the client rejects the policy for price or other policy details. When this happens, the entire sales process is a sunk cost of time. The Xcellent Life software helps to speed of this process by analyzing the key client factors and matching them with the right policies and pricing so that customer conversions increase and time to close a deal decreases. These increased operational efficiencies and effectiveness are realized in bottom-line profits.

Client Engagement

Most business are looking to better engage their customer base and the insurance industry is no different. In an increasing virtual work environment it is imperative to develop more innovate ways of engaging your customers, offering them increased value and turning them into strong brand advocates that help to bring more customers to the table. The Xcellent Life software and mobile app is designed to engage users in a highly personalized way and to activate them to advanced behavioral incentives provided through the platform. As a result of Xcellent Life’s technology and approach, insurance customers receive greater value, feel an increase in brand loyalty and are incentivized to bring other customers to the table. The Xcellent Life software and mobile app gives insurance companies a decided advantage in a highly competitive industry in a time where operating digital world is required and no longer just an option.

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