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Chief Executive Officer

Victor L. Brown


Victor L. Brown – CEO

Victor L. Brown is a seasoned leader with extensive experience within both large global and start-up companies that deploy enterprise class software and sensor-based applications. Victor has driven business success as a leader and as a hands-on practitioner of best-practice approaches in delivering innovation into global markets. Victor has driven the successful delivery of over 20 global solutions across his professional career. Victor started his career with Schneider Electric ($35B company operating in 120 different countries) as an Computer / electrical engineer and after 5 years transitioned to a marketing role. As a marketing leader, Victor managed software products & solutions where he spent another 6 years driving product growth year-over-year. After Schneider Electric, Victor joined his first start-up BPL Global, where he built an international product marketing team driving triple-revenue growth in a 3-year span. He has also worked as a consultant, where he founded APEX Strategy & Marketing to help small to mid-size companies develop go-to-market strategies and provide them with deep insights to best-practice approaches. More recently, Victor has served in various VP roles where he has driven business growth at both Tendril Networks & GridEdge Networks. Over the course of his career, Victor has spoken at both national and international events where he has provided thought leadership and market insights on developing technology trends and the implications of those trends.

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