The world of mobile apps is constantly changing. Each year, there are new apps that change the game while old apps start to fall out of date. Keeping up with all this and knowing what to download next can be difficult. 

That is why we prepared a list of the best apps for seniors in 2023. Each item on this list provides something unique and can help almost any senior. Let’s explore some of the options now.

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1. AARP Mobile App

AARP is a nonprofit that has been helping seniors for over 60 years. Over the course of these years, they have pushed into the future and taken advantage of new technologies to help in new ways. 

One of these new ways is through their app. The AARP app has a number of different functions, and all of them are beneficial. The two biggest benefits are a curated news stream and access to information about local events. These features will help you stay up to date on everything that is happening around you. You can even set notifications to keep you up to date whenever something seriously important happens. 

It is particularly beneficial for AARP members. Members can find discounts on membership and other offers through the app. They can also access their membership through the app. So, if you ever forget your membership card, you can simply access it through your phone. 

2. Spotify

When it comes to entertainment, Spotify really is the king. This app is free with ads, but you can pay a subscription fee to have the ads removed. 

The main focus of Spotify is music. This app contains a massive collection of songs from nearly every artist out there. Whether you want to listen to new artists or take a trip back to the past, you will find what you are looking for on Spotify. 

This app also includes neat ways to arrange your music. You can listen to stations that play music centered around a theme or artists. You can also build your own playlists that only include songs you love. Plus, Spotify has plenty of pre-made playlists to choose from. 

However, music isn’t all that Spotify does. Now, you can find a wide variety of podcasts on the app. These range from podcasts that talk about your favorite TV shows to news podcasts to ones that tell unique stories all on their own. There are so many options out there that you can spend years listening and still not go through them all. 

Senior couple exercising together

3. Xcellent Life

Almost everyone would like to be more healthy. However, for seniors, the issue is even more prominent. The CDC recommends that seniors get at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week. This is important to note, as many people think exercise is less important as they age. 

Unfortunately, remembering to do this exercise, tracking it, and getting motivated to do it all is difficult. Luckily, there are apps that can motivate you to exercise more and even track the exercise you get. Xcellent Life is one of these apps. 

The free version of Xcellent Life allows you to set up fitness groups and participate in wellness competitions. You can even do this over video chat, putting you in direct contact with another motivated person. Plus, it gives you non-fitness-related help as well. This includes the ability to set medication reminders and view your medical history. 

The paid version of the app offers additional features on top of the free ones. It allows you to view a plethora of different health reports. You can even compare your individual reports against the reports of others. 

All of this makes Xcellent Life a great tool for motivation and fitness tracking. The motivation comes from the social community behind the app. The fitness tracking is accurate and can be used to keep a closer watch on your health. Before too long, you will be using Xcellent Life to ensure you live a healthy lifestyle

Want to make it easier to get motivated to exercise and keep yourself healthy? Download the Xcellent Life mobile app today.

4. Pacer

Looking for more ways to track your health? Pacer is a simple app that tracks your steps and lets you know how far you’ve walked each day. There is even a social element that allows you to compete with your friends. 

This is another great way to start building healthy preventative habits. Encouraging yourself to go on a daily walk takes time out of your schedule. However, doing so can keep you healthy and, thus, save you a lot of time in the future. 

The downside to pacer is that it is limited to tracking walking. It does have the option to track other fitness activities, but you need to pay to have these unlocked. 

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5. Magnifying Glass + Light

For many people, their phone has already replaced their flashlights. They carry their phone with them everywhere, and the fact that they can instantly turn into a flashlight makes them an incredibly convenient tool. However, this isn’t the only tool that your phone can replace. 

With a simple app, your phone can become a magnifying glass. This app uses your phone’s camera to view anything you want. Then, it magnifies that image like a magnifying glass. It even uses the phone’s flashlight to illuminate whatever you want to look at. 

Could an app make it easier to encourage the seniors in your community to stay healthy? Learn more about our community health and wellness solutions today.

6. New York Times Crossword

Everyone knows how to do a crossword, and the New York Times Crosswords are the most famous crosswords in the world. With the company’s app, you can access these daily puzzles right from the comfort of your phone. 

There is also evidence that doing crosswords on a daily basis can help improve your memory and thinking skills. This makes this app even more helpful for seniors. You can have fun each day while improving your mental capacity

The other benefit is that the app itself is free. There are ads within the app, but you can remove them by paying.

Smiling senior man and woman wearing jackets

The Best Apps for Seniors

There are a lot of helpful apps out there. These range from fitness trackers to things that will improve your daily life to crossword puzzles. The options are out there; now, you just need to decide which of these best apps for seniors you want. 

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