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Real-time Human Diagnostics (RtHD)TM

Xcellent Life provides a comprehensive digital health platform that evaluates more factors utilizing a three-dimensional approach involving advanced methodologies (Relational Bayesian Networks, Polytomous, Kaplan-Meier and our Proprietary Method for RtHD) for predictive analytics and Artificial Intelligence and as a result, can provide more personalized health insights and identify potential issues more accurately and faster than any of the other solutions. Our approach of being data source agnostic coupled with our analytics capabilities sets us aside from the existing vendors who are providing generalized insights but not personalized Real-time Human Diagnostics as our solution is designed to do.

Given over 80 years of combined experience that the Xcellent Life leadership team has in software development and technology innovation delivery, we have created a framework for successfully delivering cutting-edge software innovations that improve society and maximize social impact. Our expertise in enterprise scale solutions, artificial intelligence, machine learning and healthcare help focus our innovations on core problems that we solve in a comprehensive way. We approach big-world problems and solve them with technology innovations that are not constrained by the boundaries of present-day approaches but rater empowered by technological possibilities that we bring to life. We believe health & wellness is the greatest asset anyone can have. We also believe that the pervasiveness of preventable illnesses globally reduces availability of good health and wellness at way too alarming of a rate. We are focusing our efforts and our expertise in solving what we believe to be one of the greatest problems faced by humanity, which robs us and our loved ones of quality-of-life.


Population Health

As a powerful tool for driving wellness and lowering healthcare-related cost, the Xcellent Life software platform and mobile app offers tremendous value for Universities, utilities, cities and governments. Let us empower your community today.

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Corporate Wellness

the Xcellent Life software and mobile app as it empowers the health of their employees to become an advocate for the company brand. An innovative approach to driving behavior helps to align the employee and company in the goals of being, happier and growing the company brand.

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Patient Engagement & Empowerment

The Xcellent Life software and mobile app provide a powerful tool that can help both hospitals and medical clinics address these issues and get back to providing the greatest level of service to their patients and to the communities they serve.

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Insurance Optimizations

The Xcellent Life software helps to speed of this process by analyzing the key client factors and matching them with the right policies and pricing so that customer conversions increase and time to close a deal decreases.

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Research Acceleration

The Xcellent Life software and mobile app engage each participant in a highly personalized way offering them value beyond the study. This increases not just participation but also improves the overall experience of the participant while lower cost for the research.

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Transforming Health & Wellness

Why We Exist:

Xcellent Life exist to improve the quality of life for all by advancing wellness and in the process make the world a better place. Our vison is that our technology for Real-time Human Diagnostics (RtHD) will place a major role in reducing the rates of preventable illnesses around the world and that we improve the lives of billions of people. We envision ourselves furthering technology used to advance society in a much more sustainable and healthy way so that humans are living longer lives with improved quality of life.

Our Values:

Xcellent Life operates guided by 6 core values.

  1. Integrity
  2. Teamwork
  3. Dedication
  4. Passion
  5. Family
  6. Service

In everything that we do and in every aspect of the way we operate, we are guided by those core values in our efforts to deliver on our mission and realize our vision.

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