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Xcellent Life For Cities & Local Agencies

Cities and local agencies around the world are being challenged with increasing healthcare costs and reduced employee wellness. This negatively affects the productivity of employees and adds additional stressors that lower employee production and employee retention metrics. COVID-19 has further hurt cities and local  governments, draining them of resources and reducing the health of the overall population. As a powerful tool for driving wellness and lowering healthcare related cost, the Xcellent Life software platform and mobile app offers tremendous value for agencies determined to enhance the vitality of their communities. Xcellent Life’s software helps lower their healthcare-related costs and better engage their citizens. Let us empower your community and agency today!

Xcellent Life For Colleges and Universities

Most students of US colleges and universities are unaware that their family insurance plan does not meet the requirements of the university they attend. Colleges’ obligatory health insurance is necessary and has strict requirements. Colleges are concerned that students may end up with medical debt that is more than their student loans. While the expense of compulsory student health insurance can be a surprise to many families, it is possible for college insurance policies to offer both savings and better plans in certain situations. Colleges need to do better in making parents and students aware about this additional cost.

Xcellent Life’s turn-key health and wellness platform for these institutions allows our partners the solutions they need to reduce the cost of providing insurance to their students and faculty.

Benefits Of Physical Wellness

The NIH states that Americans do not live as long when compared to those in other countries with high incomes. Two of the most prevalent preventable chronic diseases in America are heart disease and cancer. These chronic diseases can be caused by a poor lifestyle. Research has shown that exercise reduces major mortality risk factors, including diabetes mellitus type 2 and arterial hypertension. It also lowers the risk of stroke, heart disease, dyslipidemia, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and cancer. Physically active people have a 30% to 35% lower all-cause mortality than inactive ones. This paper aims to summarize the research on physical activity and life expectancy. The results of 13 studies covering eight different cohorts indicate that regular exercise is associated with a rise in life expectancy of 0.4 to 6.9years. 11 studies considered confounding factors that could increase mortality risk and showed a rise in life expectancy of 0.4 to 4.2 year with regular physical activity.

Regular exercise can actually lead to cellular changes that will keep you young. Brigham Young University researchers found that the length of telomeres (the caps at the ends of chromosomes that shrink with age) was longer for people who were active than those who were sedentary. This resulted in a 9-year difference between cell aging in active and inactive people. Another study looked at the heart, lungs, and muscles of active 70 year-olds, inactive 70 year-olds, and active 40 year-olds. The results showed that active older women and men had similar heart and lung capacities and muscle strength to those 30 years younger.

Findings from these studies show that:

  • Researchers discovered that those who lived a healthy lifestyle had a longer life expectancy than those who did not.
  • These results show that Americans can live longer and have lower risk of developing diseases by living a healthier lifestyle.
  • Exercise results in other physiological changes that can help slow the aging process:
    • It is anti-inflammatory. Aging is associated with inflammation of muscles and other tissues. This effect can be reduced by exercising.
    • Get a boost in your mood
    • Sleep better
    • Memory loss can be reduced and cognitive function improved
    • Immune system improvement
    • Improved digestive function
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