Everyone could use a little help on their fitness journey. Digital apps can provide this help. However, not all apps are of the same level of quality, and some clearly rise above others. 

To help guide you to the right choices, we created a list of the top mobile apps for healthcare in 2023. This list will explore several options to help you have a better, healthier 2023. 

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Why Should You Use Mobile Apps for Healthcare? 

Maintaining your health is a constant battle. You need to stay on top of what you eat and drink and how much physical activity you get. This is a lot to manage on your own. So, why not offload some of the work onto a digital health app? 

Many mobile apps for healthcare are most beneficial because they provide a way to follow and track your health journey. Some apps will remind you to eat right and exercise. Then, there are apps that will record the steps you are taking. Together, these allow you to create a health journey, stick with it, and have the results ready when you need them. 

This isn’t just helpful information for you, though. Having your health information at your fingertips allows you to easily share everything with your healthcare providers. This will allow them to have a better picture of your current situation and, thus, provide better care. 

Digital health apps don’t just monitor your health. Apps exist that cover all spectrums of your well-being. These include apps that allow you to connect with doctors, apps that help care for your mental health, apps that address aesthetic issues, apps made for specific health problems, and much more. The app store is packed with unique methods for addressing your health. 

1. Teladoc

A big part of staying healthy is keeping in contact with medical professionals. These are people who can guide you on your health journey and will give you advice that is relevant to your specific condition. 

However, keeping in contact with medical professionals isn’t always easy. This is especially true if you are dealing with a health issue or disability that limits your mobility. Even if you aren’t, it can be difficult to schedule time out of your day to drive out to the doctor, wait in the office, and drive all the way back. 

This is why Teladoc is helpful. This app allows you to get in contact with a medical professional from the comfort of your home. This already gives it plenty of advantages over traditional treatment. However, the fact that Teladoc is available at any time of the day makes it even more worthwhile. 

2. Xcellent Life

A big part of staying healthy is physical fitness. Sticking with and tracking an exercise routine can help you lose weight, give you more energy, and provide a ton of other benefits. However, doing so can be difficult. 

Luckily, it gets a lot easier with Xcellent Life. This app helps make exercising easier by giving you new motivation methods. It also gives you access to other important health information. 

Xcellent Life provides you with motivation by connecting you to motivated people. Through the app, you can form fitness groups with other people who have the app. Within these groups, you can host fitness competitions and send each other motivational messages. You can use this to hold each other accountable for exercise routines and, thus, stick to your goals. 

On top of all of this, Xcellent Life provides you with important health information. The free app has a health dashboard, medical history, and the ability to provide you with medication reminders. Meanwhile, paid version of the app has more robust health reports that track multiple aspects of your health history. In either case, the app allows you to reflect on your health journey to decide whether to make any additional changes. 

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3. My Fitness Pal

Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand. A well-balanced diet can help you expend more calories than you ingest and, thus, cause you to lose weight. Proper nutrition can help fuel your workouts and expand what your body is capable of. What you eat even affects your energy levels, mood, and other aspects of your life. 

However, you only really get the most out of these benefits if you track your nutrition and fitness. Otherwise, you are just guessing that you are eating right and exercising enough. 

My Fitness Pal helps you track all of this. You can input what you eat into it, and it will help you track your calories. This functionality expands into a meal planner and a record of everything you eat. By keeping a record like this, you are more aware of what is going into your body and, because of this, can change if necessary. 

The best part is that doing this is rather simple. The app has a camera function that lets you take a picture of your meal or scan a barcode. From there, it can guide you to the food’s nutritional information. This means you don’t need to know the nutritional information of everything you eat, as the app knows it for you. 

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4. Google Fit

If you’re looking for another way to track your fitness, Google Fit is a great option. This app can track as much or as little as you want. 

On the most basic level, Google Fit is a great way to count your steps. It will automatically track how much you walk or run each day and deliver this information back to you. With this, you can set a goal and see how many days you achieved your step goal and how many you didn’t do enough. 

On a more advanced level, you can input your workouts into Google Fit. You can even synchronize it with My Fitness Pal to get more information. Plus, if you have a smartwatch or other wearable technology, you can use the data from that in Google Fit as well. This turns it into a great database for your health. 

The best part is that if you have an Android phone, you may already have Google Fit, and it may be ready to use right now. Just open the app, and it should automatically sync with your Google account.

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5. Stop Vaping Challenge

You can get all the diet and exercise you want. However, if you are constantly vaping, you will never be as healthy as you should be. 

Research suggests that vaping is harmful to both your heart and your lungs. So the very organs you are strengthening with your workouts will be harmed by your vaping. If you become addicted to vaping, these negative side effects will stay around for as long as this addiction lasts. 

This is why it is so important to break the addiction. Stop Vaping Challenge is a resource designed to eliminate a vaping addiction. You can let the app know when you are quitting and if you relapse. The longer you make it without vaping, the more the app rewards and motivates you. Eventually, you’ll enjoy the positives of not vaping more than you will enjoy vaping. 

6. Talkspace Therapy and Counseling

Fitness isn’t just about physical health. Your mental health plays a larger role in your fitness journey than you would initially believe. 

This is because your mental health impacts all aspects of your life. Stress and anxiety can cause you to crave more food than you need, to the point where you miss your fitness goals. Mental issues may also rob you of energy, stealing your motivation for a good workout. Some problems may even just make it seem impossible to schedule a doctor’s appointment, which can have serious negative long-term effects on your well-being. For these reasons and more, addressing your mental health is an important step in becoming healthier. 

Talkspace is one avenue of doing this. This app is essentially a HIPAA-compliant way to access therapeutic tools. You can participate in actual therapy sessions through the app, or you can use it to find out other helpful information. 

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7. Calm

If you’re not ready for full therapy sessions, you might want to start smaller. Meditation allows you to personally improve your mental health in a low-stakes environment. It can be a great way to get a quick mental health break and take a moment for yourself. 

Calm helps make meditation possible. It can guide you through the process in a way that is simple and easy to understand. Even if you’ve never tried to meditate before, Calm will give you the tools you need to do so. 

The best part is that Calm has specific meditation sessions designed with specific goals in mind. If you want to address your anxiety, it will guide you through meditation in one way. If you want to improve the quality of your sleep, it will guide you through it in a different way. This level of instruction makes the app even easier to use. 

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Getting Fit With Mobile Apps for Healthcare

Mobile apps can be a helpful tool in your fitness arsenal. With them, you can track your progress, monitor your health, stick to good habits, and motivate yourself. Together, these tools will allow you to take charge of your fitness and give you a healthier 2023. 

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