Research Acceleration

Participant Acquisition

Research projects always require some budget for acquiring participants. In today’s digital world the most effective acquisition techniques are highly targeted. The Xcellent Life software and mobile app not only targets the desired participants but can also provide them with incentives directly through the software and mobile app. As a result of the Xcellent Life software and mobile app, research participant acquisition time is drastically reduced and overall cost lowered. This improves the capacity of the research team and starts the overall acceleration of getting to a research study outcome and report.

Participant Engagement

It is always challenging to keep research participants actively participating in studies and when they do not, it increase the overall cost of the study along with slows down the time in which results can be determined. Therefore, participant engagement is critical in ensuring that the study has maximized participation and participant attrition is low. The Xcellent Life software and mobile app engage each participant in a highly personalized way offering them value beyond the study. This increases not just participation but also improves the overall experience of the participant while lower cost for the research.

Research Data Analysis

The goal of research is to determine statistical significant insights that can provide direction and inform expected outcomes from some treatment or activity. The findings in research are critically important in getting FDA approval, supporting treatment procedures, supporting dietary recommendations for various conditions and other beneficial health & wellness findings. Historically, the data collection process has added to the cost of the process or research but with the Xcellent Life software and mobile app, from one platform solution researchers can perform participant acquisition, engagement and analyze the results which greatly reduces time and cost. The Xcellent Life software and mobile app is an innovative solution that delivers results.

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