Xcellent Life Across America Initiative

Xcellent Life is excited to announce the Xcellent Life Across America Initiative

The goal of this initiative is to drive greater health and wellness across America. This will involve
increasing health awareness, increasing physical activities, increasing social support for healthy
behaviors and bringing together organizations to support this initiative. Key performance
measures of this initiative will be the following:

✓ Number of Sponsors
✓ Number of Partners
✓ Money Allocated to Charitable Organizations
✓ Number of Charitable Organizations Supported
✓ Level of Increased Health Awareness
✓ Level of Increased Physical Activity
✓ Reduction of Chronic Illnesses Across Population
✓ Estimated Cost Savings from increased wellness and avoided cost associated with chronic illnesses

As a part of this initiative Xcellent Life will be launching a monthly wellness competition and awarding a total of $1,000 each month minimum to the winning participants each month across the year. Xcellent Life plans to increase the level of rewards but are committing to $12,000 for this year-long initiative that awards money each month.
Download the Xcellent Life App for free and experience the power of being empowered to have better health. Participate in both free and paid wellness challenges to win cash for improving your wellness.

Xcellent Life Wellness Challenge

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