Xcellent Life Across America Initiative

The goal of this initiative is to drive greater health and wellness across America. This will involve increasing health awareness, increasing physical activities, increasing social support for healthy behaviors and bringing together organizations to support this initiative.

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Overview of Xcellent Life’s Wellness Across America Challenge

The Wellness Across America Challenge is designed to drive health and health awareness up across the community so that Xcellent Life furthers our mission of improving the quality of life for all by advancing wellness. The competition will be managed across Xcellent Life’s digital health platform which allows people to track their level of health while the platform analyzes their levels of improvement. Based on the level of improvement, the platform awards points with the winners of the competition winning cash and prizes. In addition to measuring the improvement of health, there will be a component of the competition that awards points for sharing curated health information, which the Xcellent Life Platform tracks as well. This information is content designed to inform and empower people to be more healthy. Participants will receive a request to share and when they do, the Xcellent Life Platform will award points to them that go towards winning the competition. The combination of sharing health insights and measuring improvements have been shown to drastically increase healthy behaviors when accompanied with a monetary incentive. Xcellent Life’s Platform is designed to include all those elements so that the impact on health is maximized.
This wellness challenge is a collaboration of champions for health and wellness that includes partners, sponsors and supporters that have played a role in making population health innovation available.

As a part of this initiative Xcellent Life will be launching a monthly wellness competition and awarding a total of $1,000 each month minimum to the winning participants each month across the year. Xcellent Life plans to increase the level of rewards but are committing to $12,000 for this year-long initiative that awards money each month.

Download the Xcellent Life App for free and experience the power of being empowered to have better health. Participate in both free and paid wellness challenges to win cash for improving your wellness.

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Xcellent Life Software & Mobile App Platform Summary & Features

The software & mobile app are designed to collect, analyze and visualize health in a personalized way, while empowering them with relevant information on wellness. The solution includes gamification with monetary
incentives that drive healthy behavior and the sharing of curated content providing health & wellness education. In combination, the tracking and measurement of health metrics along with providing health information has proven to be most effective in changing behavior. Moreover, our solution’s unique ability to provide monetary incentives directly to the winners of wellness competitions maximize the impact on wellness.

Benefits of Partners and Sponsors

As a part of this program, Xcellent Life will advertise the wellness program extensively across the community to increase the number of participants. Additionally, Xcellent Life has developed health & wellness content that will be a part of the competition. Xcellent Life’s platform uses a proprietary approach to put content in front of 100,000s of people at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising methods. As a result of our approach, our partners and/or sponsors will exponentially increase the number of impressions to content branded with their logo compared to traditional advertising means.

10% of all proceeds will go to a charitable cause that empowers the community and all the efforts and proceeds will support improving health and wellness. 

There will be 10 health & wellness educational content slots (digital video and digital print) with curated health information available for partners and sponsors to brand. Each piece of content will be viewed by no less than 100,000 individuals. Platinum Sponsors get 1 million or more impressions.

In addition to the branded content, partners and sponsors will be listed on Xcellent Life’s website advertising the Wellness Across America Competition. In support of this program and the Wellness Across America Competition, Xcellent Life will collaborate closely with APBPA to sell sponsorships.
The levels of sponsorships for organizations are listed below:

Platinum Sponsors will have their Logo, a brief statement about their company listed on Xcellent Life’s web page advertising the Wellness Across America Competition, where their Logo will be clickable taking users to their own website.

Gold Sponsors will have their logo and a brief statement but will not have a clickable link

Bronze Sponsors will have their company name listed on the Xcellent Life web page
advertising the Wellness Across America webpage

Individual Sponsors will receive an Xcellent Life T-Shirt plus a personal
acknowledgement on social media

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